Using two optional parameters to control the output of the print() function.

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print() is one of the most used functions in Python, and for me, it was the first step into the world of programming.

How to forget my first line of code; print(“Hello, World!”).

In this post, I will talk about two parameters of the print() function: sep and end.

print("Hello, World!")
Hello, World!

Understanding two powerful techniques to evaluate a classification model.

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Classification is the task of assigning an observation to a category based on specific criteria.

In machine learning, classification is part of supervised learning, which means that the data used to train the model have labels that identify each category.

A critical step in the life cycle of a machine learning model is the evaluation of its performance.

Two techniques used to evaluate a classification model are the confusion matrix and the classification report.

In this post, we will learn to interpret the confusion matrix and the classification report while using them to evaluate the performance of a Support Vector…

Know the signs that indicate that your data set still contains missing values.

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Missing values are a common issue in real-world data. They occur when no information is available for one or more variables in an observation.

Errors in data entry, information not available at the time of data collection and corrupted records are only a few sources of missing values.

Independently of their origin, missing values can introduce bias in the analysis, reduce the power of machine learning models and overall affect the validity of our conclusions. For these reasons, handling missing values is a critical step in data cleaning.

In this post for beginners, we will focus on how to detect…

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